Diploma in Patisserie

    • 70% practical and 30% theory
    • Textbooks and notes are in English
    • Further explanations are given according to students’ preferred language 
  • Small class (to ensure the skills and attention of each student)


  • Diploma in Patisserie by Fèves de Choco Pastry Academy
  • Diploma in Patisserie Art by UK College


  • 9 months proramme (6 months practical & theory + 3 months industrial training)
  • Every Monday to Thursday (4 days class per week)
  • Time: 9AM – 4PM



  • Payment can be made by installment / full payment.
  • Contact us for more details and discounts!!


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Buttercream flowers

Practical Subjects:1. French Pastry2. Entremets I

3. Breakfast I

4. Bread I

5. Tart I

6. Cookies

7. Wedding Cake

8. Plated Dessert I

9. 3D Cake

10. Entremets II

11. Chocolate Showpiece

12. Sugar Showpiece

13. Chocolate Pralines

14. Tart II

15. Bread II

16. Breakfast II

17. Plated Dessert II

Theory Subjects:1. Principles of Materials Used For Baking2. Food Safety and Product Quality in Food Operations

3. Health, Safety and Environmental Systems in Food Operations