Student’s Activities

Project Day

Project Day is an open day for public visitors and also one of our practical assessment to students. In this exercise, students are introduced to team work, time management skills and good leadership skills.

Students are encouraged to invite their family and friends to attend. Hence, family members can their learning progress.

Chocolate Museum Visit Day

The visit to the Chocolate Museum is in the extra curriculum but related to their field of study – Chocolate.

From this visit, students get to understand more of the process of making chocolate; from planting to harvesting and from cocoa bean to chocolater bar.

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Fire Precaution Training 

Students are also introduced to a basic fire training to explain the danger of fire and how to avoid fire.

In this session, students are introduced to the following:

  • Components of fire triangle
  • How to deal emergency in case of a fire
  • Different types of fire extinguisher
  • How to use the fire extinguisher
  • How to deal with basic burn