About Us

Malaysia’s world-class academy of pastry art

Based in Setapak Kuala Lumpur, Fèves de Choco Pastry School was the brainchild of founder cum principal Chef Hong with the ardor of introducing the mastery of European baking art to the Malaysian populace. At Fèves de Choco, we offer the most comprehensive and professionally designed programs anchored by world-class pastry chefs using state-of-the-art and top-notched baking techniques, tools and ingredients.

Through theories and practical sessions, we help you build up a strong foundation, and lead you into the promising realms of professional pastry baking. It doesn’t matter whether you are a newcomer to the industry or an on-job chef yearning to burnish your baking skills, you will have your ambitions fulfilled here at Fèves de Choco.

With a strong passion and commitment for baking, Chef Hong not only has helped create a multitude of high-caliber bakers over the years, he has even trained and perfected many world-class chefs hailing from Australia, Singapore, China, UAE, India and Egypt, just to mention a few, helping them master the sugar art and chocolate creation skills while reinforcing their unique competencies and industrial competitiveness.


The Confidence to Create

We are fully committed to our belief that there is a master baker in every individual.

At Fèves de Choco, we believe every individual can make and decorate a cake, create stunning sugar art and elegant chocolates just like a professional. Our professional instructors will selflessly share their baking theories and know-how with the students, guiding them along as they appreciate and pick up the most natural and authentic baking skills.

Why us? :-

  • Small groups of students in each class to ensure personal attention
  • Friendly atmosphere and a well-established, world renowned school
  • Experience instructor guidance
  • Fully-equipped training rooms
  • A wide range of courses for everyone from beginners to advanced students
  • Great tips and advice for advancing your skill development